Brennstein: The New CD

Brennstein, the ensemble of innovative musicians gathered together around Reloading Humanism composer, Martin Gut, has a new CD which for those open for experimentation can be heartily recommended.

„Brennstein“ is a variation of „Bernstein“ which is the German word for „amber“ and Brennstein’s new CD is entitled „Electron“ which in turn is the Ancient Greek word for amber. As when rubbed, amber generates a static charge, it is from „electron“ that the word „electricity“ derives. After a jaunty love-song, Clear Water, the CD introduces a series of micro-tonal filigrees and poly-rhythmic experiments that are combined with fragmentary phrases that awake fleeting impressions of lost music from a dim and distant past. And yet this is offset by an overriding conviction that this is a music that looks forward to what could be and must be, with past and future being a linked web of tangled threads which Brennstein has miraculously tapped into. In this series of hauntingly beautiful, mesmerising studies, Brennstein show that a clear focus on formal problems and the working towards solutions thereof, can lead to new ways of thought, feeling and being. This is a true achievement. Bravo!

For a video, see YouTube; „Brennstein“. For a review of Brennstein’s first CD, see the Reloading Humanism article on Martin Theodor Gut.