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At the Terra Hominibus Club in Vienna, a paper written by Alexander Curtis will be discussed in German by Eva Sobotka and the author. The title of the talk is „A Mathematical Definition of Self in a Material World“ and presents a model of how, within a materialist world view, the ineffable and immaterial sense of self that we have can be accounted for. As from the model, a sense of values and ethics emerges automatically, this means that ethics and morals emerge at the very beginning of the human story and not half-way through, when, as is usually supposed, humans „suddenly“ became civilised. This makes us ethical beings through and through and means that contemporary culture, with its institutionalised cynacism and could’t care less attitudes, is nothing less than a betrayal and short-circuiting of that which makes us human.

Terra Hominibus Club, Alser Straße 41/1/5, 1080 Vienna

Thursday, 17th February, 2022


19.00 Club opens

20.00 Discussion begins

21.45 Discusssion ends

23.00 Club closes

Covid-19 rules apply and the number of people attending may have to be limited. Registration by E-Mail is therefore essential: In the event of a physical discussion being impossible, a ZOOM conference will be held for which E-Mail invitations will be sent out.

Terra Hominibus …

… ist eine Gesprächsgemeinschsft, die sich  mit Themen der Zeit auseinanderetzt. Sinn dieser Gespräche ist es, Denkanstöße und Lösungsvorschläge zu erarbeiten, die jeder in seinem eigenen Wirkungsbereich mitnehmen kann. Voraussetzung zur Teilnahme ist lediglich die Bereitschaft, anderen zuzuhören und die eigenen Meinung nicht für die einzig wahre zu halten.