In Progress

As part of an initiative to give the concept of responsible tourism a more definite shape, Alexander Curtis is currently writing a guide book on the Krems and Wachau region. Written in English, the work is to be translated into German and is intended as a quality guide with illustrations, drawings and photographs by the author.

Bronze neck-rings from Furth and Palt on display in Museum Krems

Combining recent research from a range of disciplines with a variety of innovative approaches of his own, Alexander Curtis reviews 40,000 years of history. Well-known artefacts are looked at in new ways and hardly known things, places and events are introduced, with the whole giving a step by step account of the region’s development in a way that is paradigmatic for a whole continent. Among the techniques used are etymology, archaeological astronomy and the author’s long experience of untangling the layers of history encoded in the mythologies of long ago.

An engraved rod from Willendorf, II, level 9 – the same layer of deposition as the Venus of Willendorf

Earliest possible date of publication: 2022, follow this page for updates