Saving the Workplace

In 2019, Lisa Herzog was awarded two prizes for her book, Saving the Workplace, in which she discusses changes, issues and developments in the workplace that must be addressed if values, democracy and quality of life are to be preserved.

While not the issue primarily at stake, the current Corona crisis is forcing western societies to take the first steps along the road indicated by Herzog. Working from home has suddenly become a working reality and while the advantages of not having to commute everyday, are for commuters, more than apparent, it is also being shown that work can be done reliably and effectively without employees having to clock into an office five days a week. As it is likely that the crisis will continue to be a part of life in 2021 and quite possibly into 2022, these new ways of working and the new patterns of trust that have developed with them, are likely to become permanently embedded in work practice.

The crisis has also given us a long over-due prompting to re-examine our priorities. Overnight, the health of employees became paramount and without questioning, the containment of the Corvid-19 virus was seen to be of absolute and overriding importance, with money  ̶̶  at long last  ̶̶  no longer being seen as being everything. In addition, the fundamental importance of a whole range of menial jobs has become apparent and across the board, employees will find that more fairness can be demanded. All this makes Herzog’s book even more topical than it was last year. Unfortunately only available in German, see the Reloading Humanism Lisa Herzog page for a more detailed review.