SILENCE – an exhibition

In a group exhibition in Egelsee above Krems, Gallery Daliko will be exhibiting works by members of the Amstetten artists’ group, KIAM and the Krems artists’ group, raumgreifend.

SILENCE. From 5th June until 2nd July, 2021, Gallery Daliko, Braunsdorferstraße 12, 3500 Krems

Opening times: Tuesday-Friday, 15.00-19.00 and by arrangenent: +43 676 6206412

Participating artists, KIAM:

Melitta Progsch (title image), Alexandra Steiner, Ferdinand Viertlmayer, Karlheinz Vinkov, Ludmilla Geiblinger, RoxS, Robert Haider, Rosemarie König, Roswitha Fröschl, Susanne Schobel.

Participating artists, raungreifend:

Agnes Ehrenberger, Alexander Curtis, Anton Ehrenberger, Barbara Knoglinger, Dalia Blauensteiner, Eva Benesch, Martha Platzer, Petra Kral, Susanne Schober, Artis Franz Jansky-Winkel.

For the exhibition, Alexander Curtis will be exhibiting two works which have never been shown in Austria. Inside each work, sealed a lead box, a secret is enclosed.

The secrets concern the whereabouts and nature of a place in Britain which the artist takes as a point zero, from which all subsequent work – both artistic and philosophical – depart.

Here there is silence, darkness and regeneration.