Life, the Universe & Everything

At the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, situated between Krems and Stein as a part of the Danube University Campus, there is now a monumental 4 Metre x 4 Metre painting by Dalia Blauensteiner. This can be seen in the foyer of Building Y. Entitled, The Dance, the work shows a number of fundamental facets that underlie human existence such as light, the Big Bang, atoms and nerve cells. Creating an architecture that is both cosmic and cellular, it relates the all-enclosing macrocosm to the microcosms that lie within us. Looking at the work, one is confronted with and reminded of, the wonder of life and the universe and the immense weight of aeons that have formed us and made the world we know.

Born in Lithuania, Dalia Blauensteiner studied painting at the Šiauliai Academy in Vilnius and has been living in Krems since 2003.

The paintings of Dalia Blauensteiner show aspects and facets of the artist, with the choice of colours reflecting not only her sensibility and experiences of the world but also her sense of attunement with it. The choice of colours on her pallet ranges widely and is a distinguishing feature as is the striving to find and establish a sense of harmony with the world. The themes tackled range from idyllic landscapes to symbolic and abstract compositions and also include academic studies of the human form. Dalia Blauensteiner’s paintings invite one to gaze into the deeper depths of the soul see how the colours are around us change from minute to minute.

Water is re-occurring theme with recent work showing how that which is essential to life is becoming polluted through the rubbish that we thoughtlessly and continually generate.

Save the date: Dalia Blauensteiner and Peter Berger in the Art Gallery Waldviertel, Waidhofen an der Thaya, 6th October until 5th November, 2023. Apart from painting, together with the sculptor Heinz Körner, Dalia Blauensteiner also runs Gallery Daliko, where exhibitions are held and a select number of works are on permanent display (see: