In seeking an answer to THE QUESTION identified on the Mission Page, it is important to remember that although the problem is ultimately one of resources and how they are used, the solutions needed are by no means exclusively technical but are also cultural. This is because everything we do, think and say is part of a package in which responsible behavior is either encouraged or played down and ignored. Thus in creating a culture in which there is genuine understanding of the world around us, the first step is to abandon the precepts of the present and taking a long, hard look at ourselves, to ask who we are and why we are intent on destroying the environmental niche that evolution has made available to us.

With the exception of Alexander Curtis, Martin Gut and Bernhard Kaar, the people here featured are covered in the same way as a review of a book given in a magazine. While accuracy in portraying the work of the people concerned is striven for, the understanding of the books reviewed is ultimately the reviewer’s impression and may not be entirely correct in representing a writer’s actual position.