Up until now (autumn 2023), In my art I have confronted the viewer with images and objects that raise questions and hint at puzzles, mysteries and stories. Going beyond the bounds delineated by rational thought I have always sought to offer the viewer a richer spiritual home than the impoverished hovels and shacks that social philosophy and consumerism offer. For behind the self-staged righteousness of the one and the vapid glitter of the other, there is but vapid pretension and broken dreams. Yet with the development of Humanese and my forays into mathematics, the puzzles and mysteries hitherto alluded to are pin-pointed more clearly and are elucidated in ways that were not possible before. This locates the mysteries of life and being in ways that endow life with meaning and which further behove us to accept that with life and higher-order consciousness, there come responsibilities that it is our duty to accept. I thus return to my starting point of forty years ago, only this time, after much searching, many meandering’s and a few false turns, I am equipped with an arsenal of tools that enable me to break the deadlock of the present and dissolve the boundaries between art, language and philosophy. The gallery below is thus a visual guide to the last stage of a journey. For current work, see the Archive of the section entitled „Humanese“ accessible by clicking on the glass prism top left.